Trust Puer Intense Clean Liquid Detergent to do the dirty work for you! This non-toxic liquid detergent guarantees you a wardrobe-makeover by giving your dull, de-shaped and discoloured clothes a new leash of life. If you truly love your clothes, you will need this liquid laundry detergent.

An all-natural liquid detergent, PUER Intense Clean Liquid Detergent not only out-performs regular liquid detergents loaded with harmful chemicals, but is also safe to use. A unique blend of 6 plant-based enzymes sourced from 4 plant-based surfactants, this liquid detergent cleans 30+ stains and delivers intensely clean, soft and fresh clothes.

Our very own NEOFRESH® Aroma Molecule helps to counteract sweat, smoke and wet fabric mal-odour, leaving your garments looking clean, fresh and pleasantly fragrant as new.


Why Nature Does It Better?

No Artificial Brighteners, No SLES, No Methylisothiazolinone.

PUER Intense Clean Liquid Detergent has the goodness of plant-based elements like active enzymes, anti-redisposition agent and softener that makes white, whiter, and make your clothes shine like new.

Why you should prefer PUER

  • Only cleans, doesn’t ruin.
  • Bust stains and sweaty odour.
  • Kicks dirt, not colour.
  • Values the worth of pristine white.
  • Natural nourishment for fabrics with bio-enzymes and plant-based surfactants.
  • Smells fresh as a garden, not strong as chemicals.

P.S: Your apparels’ best friend!