Get your hands on this pure natural hand wash formulation that is unique and perfect for those hardworking and unsettling hands!

Natural Fatty Acids and nourishment of Palm and Coconut Oil gives this natural foaming hand wash a powerful combo. It guards you and your loved ones from all types of germs, and its all-natural ingredients makes your hands softer than ever, with every wash.

Why Nature Does It Better?

No harmful chemicals.

PUER hand wash has the goodness of Natural Fatty Acids and palm-based ingredients moisturizes your hands while also killing 99.99 % germs. This natural hand wash liquid ensure that you get clean and fresh hands.

Why you should prefer PUER

  • Tough on germs. Soft on your hands.
  • A drop of nature’s power to clean off the grime.
  • Washing hands doesn’t mean waste water. Less water. Good lather.
  • Hands never felt so soft, clean and fresh
  • Soothing fragrance that lasts really long.

P.S: Let’s keep our hands soft and clean, till we do a Hi5 soon!