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Our Love for PUER Bottle

PUER bottles are just as special as PUER products! Created with concern and care, PUER bottles are unique, beautiful and cool. The bottles are designed to not just look appealing but is also high on utility value.

Hold the PUER Bottles to feel the real texture!

A design that seamlessly blends in the brilliance of art and excellence of science, PUER bottles are transparent that reflects the brand’s ethos of staying true to its patrons. The pop-n-peppy spirit of the brand is reflected in the VIBGYOR hues of PUER products that lend colours to the bottles too.

Culmination of science in this artistic portrayal of the bottle is evident in the bottles’ ergonomics. The ergonomics of the bottles vary with the weight of the liquid in the bottle, thus, making it easy and convenient to lift, hold and pour the liquid. The caps of the bottles require minimum twist and are spill-proof. The pout of the bottles ensure that there is no extra spill or drip while the liquid is being poured from the bottle.

Overall, we can only say that PUER bottles are not just bottles but more than just that with a seamless blend of the creativity and science culminates.

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Seamless Design!

Our nature-inspired fragrances

Fragrances in its true sense are a depiction of various facets of Nature. For a range carefully designed with natural ingredients it only made sense to draw inspiration from numerous elements of our planet from the flowers to tress to the meadows and beyond. Our purpose of putting our heart and soul into these perfumes was to see that smile, that relief, that soothing expression cross your face as you take a whiff of our products. What makes them special is most of our perfumes are powered by Malodour-Control Technology, NEOFRESH Technology and Deo-Effective technology rendering them strong in managing foul odour and bad smell.