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  • Are PUER products as effective as the chemical cleaners?

    We believe inthe power and goodness of nature. With the core belief that natural is powerful and real effectiveness comes from the good old nature, our products are naturally formulated that not only does its job as effectively as chemical cleaners, but often out performs the chemical-heavy cleaners. By keeping all the harmful chemical ingredients at bay, PUER products are as tough on stains and dirt, as gentle and mild it is on the actual surface and fabrics. 

    We strongly believe that one need not compromise between performance and safety, when it comes to 'care'.

  • Why Puer?

      • It’s about time that we understand and accept the true power and goodness of nature and everything truly natural. Only when we believe, can we truly rise. Natural ingredients are equally efficacious and effective in comparison to their chemical-counterparts. Therefore, without compromising on efficacy, we have created completely natural home care and personal care products that have plant-based, COSMOS and ECO-cert ingredients, thereby making PUER products completely natural, efficacious and safe.


      • False promises are just false! Precisely the reason why we only say what we mean. When we say ZERO, we really mean that there are ZERO harmful chemicals in PUER products. PUER products are naturally-loaded cleaning powerhouses that out-performs the regular chemical-heavy products.


      • Completely natural PUER products are not just efficacious. It is gentle and mild. The perfect combination of strong on stains and dirt, and gentle-n-mild on surface and textures, make PUER products one of the most sought after home care and personal care products available today.


      • Clean is fresh. Fresh is fragrant… and mildly at it. Mild and appealing fragrance of PUER products will definitely be a pleasure to your olfactory sense, while ardently cutting off the stale, sweaty and sick smell from your wardrobe, kitchen and home.


      • Chores need not be always drab! Well, if it is, atleast the cleaning agents can look a little pretty and peppy. Pretty, happy and pop colours of PUER products will definitely make the chores seem a little less tiring and add some fun elements in the drab work.


    • Are PUER products as effective as the chemical cleaners in the market?
      • Like we mentioned earlier, “It’s about time that we understand and accept the true power and goodness of nature and everything truly natural.” Loaded with the powerful and good ingredients from nature, we are sure that PUER products are just as good or out-perform the chemical-heavy cleaners available in the market. We make it a point that with PUER, you really don’t have to choose between performance, efficacy and safety. We have all the goodness packed together just for you!


    • Where from can we buy PUER products?
      • PUER Products are available on PUER Website, on Amazon and on Flipkart too.

  • Is PUER Liquid Detergent safe to use to wash heavy linens?

    Yes, PUER Liquid Detergent can be used to wash any type of fabrics. For items that need a heavy wash, like bed linens and curtains, we recommend using an extra cup of PUER liquid detergent for best result.

  • What is the range of water temperature in which PUER Liquid Detergent works best?

    PUER Liquid Detergent works equally well in both cold, lukewarm and hot water. As per the requirement of the fabric or stains, feel free to dilute PUER liquid detergent in cold, lukewarm and hot water to get the best result.

  • What makes PUER Liquid Detergent powerful?

    Simply put, the power and goodness of Nature. To share the details, PUER Liquid Detergent is completely natural, contains plant-based enzymes and surfactants that is strong in doing its job of removing stains and dirt, but softer on the fabric and texture of the clothes. Thus, making it the most appropriate product for all your wardrobe cleaning needs

  • How to use Puer Liquid Detergent?

    PUER Liquid Detergent can be used for hand wash, top load and front washing machines. Just a cap full of PUER Liquid Detergent will take care of your regular washing needs. For some stubborn stains, we recommend pre-treating the stains by applying a little of PUER Liquid Detergent directly on the stain. To use it in washing machine, read the instruction manual of the washing machine carefully to figure out the detergent dispenser, and pour a cap of PUER Liquid Detergent in the dispenser to get a squeaky clean wash! 

  • Why should I use PUER Fabric Conditioner over other Fabric Conditioners available in the market?

    In one sentence, our answer would be, try once to see why you would come back to it! Yes, the product is that effective. Most importantly, if we have to talk of comparison, PUER Fabric Conditioner is completely natural and has no harmful chemicals in it. This makes the product effective without causing any damage to the fabrics. It just make clothes softer, fluffier, and fragrant and doesn’t make your clothes cling to your body!

  • What is the range of water temperature in which PUER Fabric Conditioner works the best?

    PUER Fabric Conditioner should be dissolved in cold water only. As there are light to no rinse recommended after using a fabric conditioner, dissolving it in cold water helps in maintaining the actual texture and weave of the fabric. The anti-static cling property of PUER Fabric Conditioner also gets optimally activated in cold water. 

  • How to use PUER Fabric Conditioner?

    PUER Fabric Conditioner can be used for hand wash, top load and front washing machines. While using it in the washing machines, read the instruction carefully of the washing machine to know where exactly is the fabric conditioner dispenser fitted in your washing machine. Make it a point to pour the Fabric Conditioner in the correct slot. For hand wash, pour a cap full of PUER Fabric Conditioner in a half a bucket full of water, or for 5-6 regular clothes, soak the clothes in the solution for 15-20 minutes, rinse lightly and dry. 

  • How much PUER Fabric Conditioner should be used to get optimum result?

    Well, we can give you a generic answer! But, we will refrain from giving a generic answer, as your needs are unique and specific. Therefore, we will say, a cap of PUER Fabric conditioner is good enough for 7-8 clothes, but again, we truly trust your experience, and we know you will tweak this suggestion to work in your favour looking at the type of clothes/linens that you are soaking in.

  • Can we use PUER Dishwashing Gel in dishwashers?

    Well, the only time we are saying No is now! PUER Dishwashing Gel is meant for regular hand-scrubbing greased dishes, cooking utensils or delicate cutleries.

  • Can we use PUER Dishwashing Gel if there’s a cut, wound or infection in the hand?

    Ideally it is suggested to not expose any type of wound to any soap or water. Therefore, we will recommend refraining from washing dishes if you have any open cuts/wounds in your hand.

  • What is the optimum amount of PUER Dishwashing Gel to be used to wash utensils?

    • For regular dish wash, we recommend, dilute 1 tablespoon of PUER Dishwashing Gel in 40 ml water, wet the utensils and scrub off the stains with a tough utensil scrubber.
    • For delicate cutlery, soak a sponge in the same amount and wash off your cutleries.
    • For heavily greased dishes or tough stains, take a few drops of PUER Dishwashing Gel directly on the scrubber and scrub off the stain. You can also pre-treat heavily-greased dishes by soaking them in a concentrated solution of the PUER Dishwashing Gel and lukewarm water.

  • Is PUER Floor Cleaner suitable for all floor types?

    Yes, PUER Floor Cleaner is ideal for all floor types.

  • Why is water-based PUER floor cleaner better?

    Well, the answer is in the question. Anything that has a natural element a sits base, is bound to be better and more effective than the chemical-laden counterparts. We are not claiming this, this is a proven truth. Chemical-heavy acidic floor cleaners are abrasive, and continuous usage might damage the floor surface. PUER Floor Cleaner is water-based and laden with completely natural ingredients, thus standing apart from the rest s not only an effective floor cleaner, but equally safe. Use PUER Floor Cleaner to keep floors not just clean but  safe too.

  • What is the optimum amount of PUER Floor Cleaner to be used?

    PUER Floor Cleaner is recognised and applauded for its efficacy loaded with natural ingredients. We recommend, take 1 cap of PUER Liquid Floor Cleaner in 1 bucket of water, and mop the floor with this solution for optimum cleaning.

  • Is it possible to use PUER Antiseptic Liquid for Home Care needs?

    The best news ever is - PUER Antiseptic Liquid can be used for both Personal and Home Care needs. Its antiseptic properties kill germs effectively from the floor surface too. To add a double safety net of cleaning and killing germs from the surface, pour a cap of PUER Antiseptic Liquid in half a bucket of water along with the PUER Floor Cleaner to keep your house not only squeaky clean, but equally safe too.

  • How much PUER Antiseptic Liquid should be used to apply on cuts/wounds?

    For small cuts & wounds, PUER Antiseptic Liquid can be used as a first-aid. Clean the cut/wound, pour a few drops of PUER Antiseptic Liquid on a cotton pad, and gently dab on the cut/wound. The cooling and healing effect of this antiseptic liquid is sure to soothe the pain. 

  • Do you have Refill Packs ?

    Hey! Not yet but we are working on it. We will delight you with refill packs soon.

  • How long does it take for the order to reach the destination?

    In normal circumstances, depending on the delivery partners and the location, it takes a maximum of 7 to 10 days for orders to reach the destination. At times and in rare cases, due to unfavourable and unseen condition, it also takes more than the expected time. During festive sales or mega sales event, orders placed might have delayed dispatches.

  • How long does it take to process and ship the orders?

    In normal circumstances, we try and dispatch the orders within 24-48 hours. Shipments are not done on weekends and public holidays.

  • How does the delivery process work?

    • Once our system processes your order, your products are inspected thoroughly to ensure they are in a perfect condition.
    • After they pass through the final round of quality check, they are packed and handed over to our trusted delivery partner.
    • Our delivery partners then bring the package to you at the earliest possibility. In case, they are unable to reach your provided address or at a suitable time, they will contact you to resolve the issue.

  • I have received a damaged/expired/defective/wrong item in my order and want to return it

    • Our shipments go through rigorous quality check processes before they leave our warehouse. However, in the rare case that your product is damaged during shipment or transit, you can request for a replacement or cancellation and refund. Please refer the following procedure in case of item received is damaged/defective
    • Contact our support via email: within 5 days of receiving the order
    • Attach image of the item received in the email stating other details\
    • Upon verification, our delivery person will pick up the item within 3 business days.
    • The refund will be initiated once the item is received in their original packaging with seals, labels intact
    • In case of replacement request, it can be made subject to availability. If the item is not in stock, the amount will be refunded.

  • How long does the refund take?

    Once the items are received at our end, it may take up to 10 working days for the refund to process.

  • What items are eligible for return?

    • Items to be returned will be inspected and must be in original condition with seals, labels intact with original packaging.
    • Promotional items and items purchased in sales and promotions are not eligible for return.
    • Only items purchased on are eligible for return. For items purchased on other ecommerce platforms or retailer partners, please contact the mentioned entity directly regarding return policy and related assistance.

  • How can I change address or phone number in order?

    If you wish to change the address or phone number, you can call the support or email The address cannot be changed once the order is ready to be shipped.

  • How do I check the current status of the order placed?

    How do I check the current status of the order placed?

  • Why my order status is not showing?

    You can keep a track on all your orders from the My Order section. If the order is recently placed, please wait and check after few minutes.

  • Are there any Referral Programs?

    Presently we do not have any referral programs

  • What are the payment options available while placing order

    We accept credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallets, upi payment methods.

  • Can promo code be re-used upon item return/cancellation?

    Promo codes cannot be applied if they have expired

    Promo codes cannot be reapplied once it has been used during successful purchases of items.

  • How long the refund process takes for orders cancelled?

    In case the order is cancelled before shipment; the amount will be refunded within 48 hours.

  • I want to cancel my order

    • If the order is placed and it is not processed yet. You can call the customer support or email us at
    • Once the order is processed, it cannot be cancelled.
    • The order cannot be cancelled, if the order is shipped.

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