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How to remove kitchen oil/ grease stains from your clothes

How to remove kitchen oil/ grease stains from your clothes

Cooking and eating are integral to our existence. So is wearing comfortable clothes. However, doing chores in the kitchen gets a little messy with oils spluttering from the pan and leaving marks on our clothes. A drop of dip falling on our choicest clothes while enjoying a bowl of nachos is almost inevitable while watching a thrilling scene from our favorite web series. For such accidents, it is always helpful to know a few hacks to get rid of oil and food stains from our clothes.

The first and foremost thing that one should keep in mind on such occasions is to avoid letting those stains sit and dry on our clothes. Letting oil stains or dips dry on our clothes leave a permanent mark rendering those favorite outfits unworthy.


So, place a paper napkin or a clean light towel on the stained part to blot up the excess oil and prevent further oil seepage into the fabric. Doing so will also ease the process of removing a stain. If there are any oily solids stuck on the cloth, gently scrape it off with a spatula/spoon or the thicker side of a knife.

Then, take a few drops of PUER Liquid Intense Clean or PUER Advance Care Liquid Detergent, make a thick paste and apply it gently on the oil-stained area.  Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Often, for a stronger stain, a thick paste of dishwashing gel can be also used. You can also try applying and gently rubbing a few drops of PUER Dishwashing Gel on the stained part and let it sit for 10-15 minutes, and then, gently scrub it off using a toothbrush.

If the stain is on any regular fabrics, like cotton, linen, rayon, polyester, viscose etc., immediately soak these clothes in lukewarm water along with a few drops of PUER Intense Care Liquid Detergent or PUER Advance Care Liquid Detergent. Let the clothes soaked in for another 10-15 minutes, and then wash them with regular water. 


After washing, check that the stain is removed. If not, repeat the process of applying a thick paste of liquid detergent and soaking it in hot water.

The last step is the most important and will work favorably in removing any hint of a stain left. Always remember to air-dry stained clothes in partial shade, and NEVER put stained clothes in the dryer, as the heat will further bind the oil/grease to the fabric fibers.


The above method works well to remove stains from regular fabrics. However, if there's an oil or food stain on your precious silk, it is best to get it removed through dry cleaning.


Hoping you find these tips handy if ever your clothes get stained with an unwanted oil splutter or a dip-drop!

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