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How to maintain and improve whiteness of white clothes without using bleach
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How to maintain and improve whiteness of white clothes without using bleach

There are no garments as pristine and beautiful as the simple white clothes. Be it a t-shirt, shirt, dress or a saree, if it’s white, it is beautiful. The colour in itself makes it look so endearing that one just cannot take their eyes off. But, on the other hand, white clothes are as demanding as they can be when it comes to washing and maintaining the original whiteness of the fabric. So, it’s a given that as much of a head-turner your white apparel is, so much it is necessary to be invested in taking care of that favourite white garment.

So, here are a few tips on how to maintain the original whiteness of your white clothes WITHOUT using bleach, which often promises to maintain clothes’ whiteness, but in the process, ruins the texture of the fabric, thereby making it look equally shabby as a lesser white tone from the original white colour.

First to-do! ALWAYS wash your white clothes separately. Be it in a washing machine or washing it with your hands in a bucket full of water, keep your colourful clothes away.

PUER Intense Clean Liquid Detergent and PUER Advance Care Liquid Detergents are applauded for their superior performance on white clothes. They are naturally formulated to maintain the original whiteness of your clothes for up to a minimum of 30 washes. A blend of 4 powerful natural surfactants used in these detergents makes sure that it not only maintains the original whiteness of your white cloth but is also gentle on the fabric, thus, keeping the texture intact as new.

Harmful chemicals in regular detergents often wear down the original whiteness of clothes. So, it is always wise to use natural laundry detergents like PUER Intense Clean or Advance Care Liquid Detergent, which has plant-based enzymes and is perfect to wash and maintain the original whiteness of white clothes.

Whites will stay intact if pre-soaked before the actual wash in lukewarm water. However, always read the label to know the best temperature of water to be used for the specific garment. Simple cotton or linen garments can be easily pre-soaked in lukewarm water before putting in the washing machine.

Lastly, but a MUST! Always air-dry your white clothes under the sun. If the sun is too harsh, dry it in a shaded area, but NEVER in a dryer. The sun is a natural good enough bleach to whiten your clothes like you want them to be.

At times and if there are no stains to be treated, wash your white clothes in simple water without or little liquid detergent.

We are hopeful that following a combination of the above tips will make your white clothes shine as white!