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Fabric Conditioner and Laundry Detergent: A Wonderful Combination
Laundry Love

Fabric Conditioner and Laundry Detergent: A Wonderful Combination

Laundry detergent coupled with a fabric conditioner is said to be the most appropriate and gentlest combination to ensure utmost care of your clothes. It is said so, because, detergents are loaded with harsh chemicals that robs off the original texture of the cloth, or, if we opt for a mild detergent, it might not give the desired ‘clean’ as expected. However, before we go on to understand the detergent-condition duo, we must understand what are they specifically meant for.

Drawing a parlance from the personal care industry, it is said that, a laundry detergent works just as shampoos for the hair, and laundry conditioners as the hair conditioner that is used after shampoo/wash to get the shine and the bounce back.

What’s the job of a laundry detergent: Laundry detergent removes dirt and grime - basically doing the heavy-lifting. In the process, and due to chemicals present in the detergent, the fabrics go through a mild but consistent process of wear and tear. To give back the life and sheen to the clothes, fabric conditioners come in the picture.

Fabric Conditioners basically is an agent that protects your clothes. It helps in strengthening the fabrics’ weave and minimises the friction during washing, and thus helps in maintaining the shape and color, thus leasing a new life to our clothes. It also helps in keeping the fabric soft and bouncy.

In our kitty, we have both laundry detergent and fabric conditioner. PUER Laundry Detergent is high on performance as it gives powerful cleaning with 2X Power Clean Actives, guarantees stain removal and helps in maintaining the original colour of the clothes. Completely natural formulation of this liquid detergent with bio-enzymes and plant-based surfactant makes it an ideal liquid detergent for all types of clothes. To give your clothes a new lease of life, you can also try PUER Fabric Conditioner that make clothes 30% softer.

With these two PUER products in your home, you are sure to experience a fresh and new wardrobe-feel!