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Dishwashing for heavy utensils
Cutlery Care

Dishwashing for heavy utensils

Well, the season to be jolly and make merry also is the season for some heavy-duty cleaning! When you call in friends and family members and prepare lip-smacking dishes, you also have to think of the huge, heavy-bottom pots and pans that needs to be pulled out from the kitchen loft and washed and cleaned before using them for cooking.

Definitely not an easy task, but it can be made easy with the right dishwashing gel. Completely natural, PUER dishwashing gel is the best dishwashing gel for washing heavy utensils. The power and goodness of natural ingredients in this dishwashing gel not only give the utensils a thorough clean but also ensures that less water is consumed in the process. Even better thing about this dishwashing gel is the fact that you will need to consume a very little amount of the dishwashing gel in comparison to other chemical-heavy dishwashing gels available in the market.

Pre-washing utensils doesn’t need much attention in comparison to the utensils in which food has been cooked. Given the fact that spices and some food ingredients like egg, garlic, fish and meat leave a strong smell in the utensils, one has to take extra care of the fact that these odours doesn’t stay after it has been washed and cleaned. We have known instances, where heavy utensils had to be washed more than once not so much for greasy remains but more for the food odour. PUER Dishwashing Gel has Neo Fresh Aroma Molecules, which promises to remove even the strongest smell of food.

Now coming to the grease or stains of burnt food in the utensils - while cooking large amount of food and to make it slightly richer in texture and taste one need to cook certain dishes for a long time. Long exposure of the utensils’ bottom to fire often make food stick to the pots' bottom. Huge amount of food also demands generous use of oil, and, remains of which stays in the vessel even after it has been washed. Both these problems get easily resolved with the inherent nature’s power of all the ingredients in PUER Dishwashing Gel.

Now, your season’s celebration gets a new definition of fun and frolic with PUER Dishwashing Gel, where you really don’t have to be bothered with heavy-duty cleaning and washing of utensils pre and post party.

Even better news is, alongside the food-stains and odours in the heavy pots and pans being handled easily and effectively by PUER Dishwashing Gel, this product can be as efficiently and satisfactorily used to wash the delicate cutleries in which you intend to serve your dishes to your guests. The true-utensil-cleaning partner, PUER Dishwashing Gel is here to stay even long after the party season is over!