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Antiseptic Liquid – A Must Have
PUER Hygiene

Antiseptic Liquid – A Must Have

What’s that magic potion that takes care of a minor cut, light bruise or kitchen-burn? Of course, it’s the super versatile, soothing and healing solution – PUER Antiseptic Liquid. PUER Antiseptic Liquid is a necessary item for your entire home - be it your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and most definitely, your first-aid kit.

Based on our experience of using antiseptic liquid, we have often cringed at the thought of applying antiseptic liquid on wounds and cuts. Just a dab of antiseptic liquid is enough to shoot a sharp tinge of pain down the spine, which  makes a healing solution the most pain-triggering solution ever.

We bring an antiseptic liquid that is loaded with the goodness and power of nature. PUER Antiseptic Liquid contains herbal oils and has anti-microbial benefits, which ensures healing without any pain. A dab of PUER Antiseptic Liquid not only heals but ensures that the process of healing is soothing and comforting, just like nature’s touch.

It’s a must-have product in the kitchen to avoid painful healing of sharp cuts that accidentally happens while cutting veggies. As it is, Indian kitchens have many other sharp objects, with that around accidental bruises and cuts are a given, if not handled with caution. For such unpleasant incidents, it is strongly advised to have this soothing and cooling antiseptic liquid within your reach.

PUER Antiseptic Liquid works good to soothe a burn in the initial moments. So, with all other kitchen essentials, it is only a mark of a super aware person to have safety parked in one of the cabinets within your reach.

PUER Antiseptic Liquid is also a must-have in bathrooms for both personal hygiene and home care needs. As the product ensures 99.99% germ-kill, it can be regularly used during bath. A few drops of PUER Antiseptic Liquid in bath water is sure to make you feel better and fresh after a long tiring day.

Have you ever wondered how can you be doubly sure of germ-free clothes? Well, again a few drops of PUER Antiseptic Liquid poured in the detergent mix is sure to make your clothes not must clean but safe too. Clothes, as we know are amongst the biggest carrier of germs, but we cannot really take extra care of our clothes when it comes to get rid of the invisible germs breeding and thriving in the fabrics. With this antiseptic liquid added in your laundry regime, rest assured to get rid of the woes of clothes being unsafe!

Overall, just a bottle of PUER Antiseptic Liquid is one safety net that would ensure safer health and hygiene of all the family members. With this at home, you are sure to live a better, healthier and safer life. It’s never too late to buy one if you haven’t yet. Give it a try, you won’t regret.