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Tips on Washing Baby Clothes

AdminSep 3, 2021

What’s that one thing that can make people go ‘aww’ unanimously – colourful, cute baby clothes! On the other hand that one thing, which can make people a little anxious is, ways in which these colourful, little clothes should be washed and taken care of, because as is known, washing baby-clothes need a bit of extra attention to keep it as colourful, soft and gentle.

To start with, baby clothes and several cloth pieces for babies, like, nappies, onesies, spreads, wrappers etc ought to be segregated before wash. Also, baby clothes has to be washed separately from the entire family’s pile of clothes to ensure baby’s safety, because, a baby’s immune system is in the evolving stage and therefore, no risks should be taken that might expose the clothes or babies to any infection or disease. Clothes not washed properly are one of the key reasons how babies get allergies and infections. Baby clothes being washed in washing machine are just not enough to ensure that the clothes are both clean and germ-free.

So, here we will help you with a proven practice on how you can ensure that baby clothes are washed clean with minimum exposure to dirt and germs.

• Check washing instructions on the cloth label. This will give you an idea about the material of the cloth and how it can be washed in the best possible way to keep the fabric and the texture intact

• Use natural laundry detergents that are gentle on clothes, but work best on stains

• Pre-soak clothes in lukewarm water, if the material allows it

• Wash baby clothes separately. This way, you ensure that bacteria from other clothes do not settle on the baby’s clothes

• After a thorough detergent-wash, soak the clothes in lukewarm water to ensure that any residue of the detergent is washed off

• Dry in the sun, if possible, because sunlight is the most powerful natural disinfectant

• Also, hand/bucket wash is best recommended for baby’s clothes


While, the above points will help you in ensuring clean and safe clothes for your baby, the below mentioned precautions, will help you to be doubly sure that baby-clothes are free of germs.

• Baby nappies should be washed separately from other baby clothes.

• Do not use fabric softeners

• Do not use strong laundry detergents that are chemical-laden


Following these simple rules and precautions will not only give you clean, germ-free clothes for your baby, but will also make you stand apart as a mom, who is thoroughly aware of even the most simple ways to ensure good health and safety of her kid.

Before we end, here’s a bonus tip for all the new moms. We are fully aware that with a new born at home, their well-wishers cannot wait to shower the little one with blessings and gifts; and clothes are the most-received gift items. But, one thing that all new moms must be very particular about is the fact that new clothes must be thoroughly washed before it is worn. All new clothes should be soaked in lukewarm water and should be thoroughly washed in a natural detergent and air dried so that there is no hidden germs or bacteria sitting in the fabric that could trigger allergies and ill-health.

So, precisely for every baby clothes, one can follow this 4 step golden rule of Segregate | Soak | Wash | Air-dry | to ensure that your baby’s clothes are clean, soft and germ-free.