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Tips on Choosing Detergents For Baby Laundry

AdminSep 3, 2021

“Are all detergents baby-safe?” – is the most asked questions when it comes to doing laundry of the little ones. The answer is a clear no. One of the primary reasons that makes regular detergent not suitable for baby clothes is the fact that these detergents laden with harsh chemicals, which when used leave traces of chemicals on clothes post-wash, and those chemicals are very harmful for your baby’s skin. Even before getting into the specifics of what detergent should be used and what to avoid, we first need to understand a baby’s comfort and safety and to ensure this, we need to know about the ingredients therein.

Baby’s clothes, nappies and spreads must be soft and use of detergents should not stiffen these piece of clothing as these are in constant contact with the baby’s delicate skin. Regular laundry detergents with toxic chemicals tend to rob fabrics off its soft texture, which then often leads to fabric-bruises on babies’ soft skin. Harsh chemicals and strong fragrances in clothes also trigger skin-irritation and rashes on baby-skin. So, while buying baby detergent, it is imperative to check that the detergents are hypoallergenic, chemical-free and, if at all, should have a mild and soothing fragrance. When a product is labelled hypoallergenic it claims to cause fewer allergic reactions in comparison to products that are not labelled so.

Specifically, detergents for baby laundry should be plant-based. Plant-based detergents are not only safer than their chemical-laden counterparts, but are also safe for the environment. Plant-based ingredients are a power-house of natural goodness and doesn’t compromise either on efficacy or safety. Ingredients like plant-based enzymes, actives and surfactants effectively remove stains without harming the texture of clothes. Natural laundry detergents for babies must not have artificial brighteners, which more than its job of making clothes look brighter, gets stuck in fabrics, which causes harmful reaction on babies’ skin.

A combination of chemical-free, hypoallergenic laundry detergents are best suited for baby laundry. Natural detergents with plant-based actives and enzymes works effectively in removing milk, food or poop stains. PUER natural Laundry Detergent has all the goodness and power of natural ingredients and is suitable for baby clothes. This natural laundry detergent doesn’t have artificial brighteners, phthalates, sulfates or any other harmful chemical ingredients, thus making it safe for babies and focused in a way to only remove unwanted stains and stinks, while ensuring clothes stay soft and look good as new.