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This Dish Wash Gel Cuts Through The Grease In A Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes

AdminAug 6, 2021

The pandemic saw most of us turn to our homes to make them more comfortable. It also saw us turn our attention to minor yet indispensable household items like dish wash liquid, antiseptic liquid, floor cleaners, fabric conditioners and others. Taking more time in vetting their ingredients, their smell and effectiveness. At the end of the day, they all went a long way in keeping our households clean, protected, and smelling fresh. A dish wash liquid in this sojourn turned out to be one of the most important items in the grocery cart. With the pandemic setting in and more numbers of meals being eaten indoors, our kitchen sinks stood testimony to the rising levels of soiled dishes. The best way to eliminate it was attacking it after every meal and the best comrade for all men and women in this attack was naturally an efficient liquid dish wash. It helped you fight stubborn stains and sly grease tactfully while protecting your hands from dryness and roughness.


Experts suggest that when shopping for a liquid dish wash, one must closely read the labels as they say a lot about where the product comes from and what it is made of. Most dish wash liquid brands in India reveal base ingredients like oil or petroleum, aromas used and chemicals added. If you are looking for the best liquid detergent then opt for one that is organically certified, is plant-based, free from chemicals and has no foam builders. It should additionally also have other features like being dermatologically tested, being gentle on hands, made from organic oil, no parabens or alcohol, and strictly no colorants or synthetic fragrances. Our hands are extremely porous which means every liquid dish wash or liquid detergent you expose them to, seeps into a few layers of your skin. Naturally, you wouldn’t want toxic seepage.


Best tips to get rid of grease:

Once you have found the best liquid detergent, do remember that it should also help you in your fight to get rid of stubborn grease. Dinner parties with oil laced food are great for the tastebuds but can be hard to scrub off. Here are the best practices to help you easily get rid of them with a smart utensil cleaner.


1. Let it soak: The best lesson in cleaning grease is to have patience. If you are dealing with a burn stain, let the dishes soak in soap water overnight (for best results) or for an hour (for quick results). You will be surprised to see how easily they come off with a gentle scrub. However, keep in mind that the best way to deal with great is to wash it off as soon as possible or wipe the plate clean. The longer food particles or grease remains on your plate, the more hygienic it gets.


2. Use the right liquid dish wash: The right liquid dish wash composed of ingredients to fight grease can also make your task very easy. A lot of dish cleaners come equipped with special properties to help fight grease, especially those powered with lemon.


3. Use your dish was liquid properly: It is advised to add a few drops of a good quality dish wash liquid to a bowl of water. Let it dissolve. Once soluble, the concoction is ideal for your dishes to bath in it or from it :)

So make the right choice when selecting your dish wash liquid and you will be left with spotless, grease-free, fresh-smelling dishes.


5 Reasons why a dish wash gel wins over the soap bar


In Indian homes, the dishwashing soap bar has been a veteran cleaning agent. We have all seen our mothers, aunts, domestic helpers and others spend hours scrubbing pots, pans, and dishes using it. The result was sparkling dishes that took away the spark of their hands. As modern men and women taking charge of households, the cleaning solution needs to be more advanced and effective. The liquid dish wash in this respect is naturally a more suitable choice for being economical, safe and functional. Here are a few reasons why liquid dishwashers beat soap bars:


1. Lasts long: Liquid dish wash is proven to last longer than soap bars. The only time your liquid dish wash will contact with water is when you’re actually getting down to wash the dishes. So the contact with water is less than as is the case with soap bars, thereby leading to reduced wastage. A good dish wash liquid is also reputed to clean large consignments of dishes when compared to soap bars.


2. Less effort: Scrubbing is a hard and fast rule for soap bars and you need to put in extra effort for them to tackle all nasty spots on your plats and pans. Liquid detergent on the other hand owing to its liquid state requires less labour and effort. It is also easy to rinse off and spreads evenly across your dishes and plates.


3. Reaches more corners: Have utensils with difficult corners to reach with your scrub pad? Your liquid dish wash reaches them easily once you let it sit for a little.


4. Hygiene: As per microbiologists, liquid detergents can be wholly trusted as they wash off easily without leaving behind any microbes. Soap bars however can have remnants of microbes on them that can spread with multiple uses. Soap bars can harvest germs and bacteria.


5. Gentle on skin: Liquid dish wash generally has a lower pH than solid soap bars making them comparatively gentler on your skin than soap bars.


6. Safety: Besides keeping a watch on what you eat off your plate it is extremely critical to read the labels carefully. Do you know of the amount of chemicals you’re eating off your plate? Dishes should not have any or even traces of the soap or it’s ingredients left behind on a rinsed lot of dishes. Permissible amount of ingredients of the soap sticks to the dishes (they are carcinogenic). One can only rinse them off thoroughly with the soap or a liquid dish wash which is soluble in water. Also, because a good quality dish wash has already been dissolved in water before being applied on the dishes that water that a gentle rinse or wash also ensures no streaks of the chemicals are left behind. In which case, how can you not trust a dish wash liquid over a dodgy bar of soap?



My recommendation (and of my mother) is to opt for the best liquid detergent. Have you heard of Puer Dish Wash Gel? This one is no ordinary home-care product. You got to believe when I show you the results (picture of a before and after of a utensil- Neha?) With the goodness of plant-based ingredients like grease busters, surfactants and foam boosters, I can assure you, the life of your dishes and that of your own body will change for better. The liquid dish cleaner has been carefully made using zero harmful chemicals. It is extremely long-lasting and can help you attack a sink full of dirty dishes with just one spoonful of the product. Moreover, it is safe for you and the environment as it is made from special Ecocert and Cosmos ingredients. The Neofresh Aroma Molecule using Melodour Control technology can tackle food odors like fish, garlic and egg effectively. It will leave your dishes squeaky clean. Puer’s liquid detergent also erases any lingering smell so that your guests can never guess the previous meal you served on the same plate.


Puer’s liquid dish wash can be used on an array of materials of cutlery, cooking utensils and crockery without creating any damage as it has No Lapsa and No Phosphate . It is created from powerful plant-based ecocert and cosmos actives that can remove even the toughest of grease and stain marks with minimal effort. Its special composition ensures that no residue is left behind hence your dishes remain germ, bacteria and dirt-free after a wash.


How to use Puer Dish Wash Gel?

Just mix 1 tsp of  Puer Dish Wash Gel in 40 ml water for regular dishes for a sink full of dishes. For dirty dishes, you can add a few drops to the scrubber directly for squeaky clean dishes.

So choose the right liquid dish wash to help you win every fight with stubborn soiled dishes.


(Written by Vaishali, Eminent blogger and Communication Consultant. Blog: thechampatree(dot)in.)