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Taking Care of Baby's Utensils

AdminSep 10, 2021

While talking about baby care, the topic mostly assumed that it will be well taken care of, is the baby’s utensils care. To the list of numerous jobs that a new mother has to take care of, this too is an important one on the list.

A new born in its first year has a developing immune system and is vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections. So, extra care has to be taken in terms of keeping the utensils clean and germ-free, so that the food cooked or fed to the new-borns from these utensils are not contaminated, which might lead to illness or stomach infections.

To be able to be of slightest help to new mothers, we are listing a few definite pointers that a mom need to take note of while washing and cleaning her baby’s utensils. As is always said, to keep cute things look cute, one need to put in double the effort. So, here we are as a ready reckoner on how to take care of baby’s utensils.

Wash: It goes without saying that baby utensils are to be washed both before and after use. Before use, utensils should be washed with plain water and wiped, and should be always sterilised and washed in a hot soap-water after use.

Sterilise: Sterilizing utensils is a must. It is a practice that cannot be compromised at any cost. Steam sterilisers are best to sterilise small metal and glass utensils like, bottles, bowls, spoons, sippers etc.. For larger utensils like, big glasses, plates and bowls, one can use a big pan can to boil water and then dip the utensils in it. Care should be taken to not let the utensils come in direct contact with the bottom of the pan to avoid damage from excess heat. Also, it is advisable to use filtered water to sterilise baby's utensils, because hard water might leave residue in the utensils.

Hot Water Wash: For mothers using plastic utensils, one must be aware of sourcing food-grade plastic utensils only. Remember, like all other plastic materials, these too should not be sterilised in boiling hot water but should be washed in hot water with a bit of mild dishwashing gel. Once washed, rinse the utensils thoroughly in plain water, and again leave the dishes in mild hot water for a few minutes to remove any residue of soaps.

After-Wash Care: Once the utensils are washed, always wipe them with a clean and soft piece of cloth before storing them in a covered shelf. Covered shelves are always a better option in comparison to open shelves. Either way, the shelves too should be frequently cleaned and sterilised to keep pests and insects away. Sterilizing the shelves everyday will also ensure germ-kill and make the space safe to keep baby’s utensils.

Wash-Sterilise-Wipe-Store in a covered place are the 4 key things that one need to take care to keep baby’s utensils clean and safe to use. Alongside all these safety measures, new mother or anyone, who is responsible to cook or feed the kid should be very particular about washing their hands before preparing the baby’s food or even touching these utensils.