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Natural Liquid Detergents: Goodness of Nature for Your Clothes and Health

AdminAug 7, 2021

t has become extremely important to choose the right products for our homes today. We have always been following clean living habits even in the past. However, the pandemic outbreak has taught us that it is not enough for people and things to look clean. It is also important to live hygienically and germ free.


This is why we need the best liquid detergent with the goodness of natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals or artificial fabric whiteners. Due to this reason, it has also become crucial for detergent makers to innovate and create non-toxic liquid detergent products.


Before I came to know about natural laundry detergent options, I had no idea that the popular detergent liquid which was supposed to be my washing machine’s best friend was actually harming the clothes and more importantly, us.


A friend of mine told me how that famous brand of washing machine liquid detergent had synthetic (optical) whiteners. I also read up on how horrible this is. They contain the ever so harsh Labsa, which is corrosive and extremely harmful to the skin. It also poses a threat to the environment.


Thankfully, now I know what is best for me and my clothes. I think you should also know the benefits of a natural laundry detergent as well as what you should look for when you buy liquid detergent for clothes.


Better cleaning: It has been proven by repeated observations that the organic liquid laundry detergent is likely to be better than chemical detergents when it comes to cleaning fabrics. The reason is that the ingredients of such detergents are taken from plants. Chemical-based detergent can make freshly washed clothes feel sticky, and usually need more water to clean the clothes.


Skin friendly: Our clothes are constantly in contact with the skin. Harsh or chemical heavy detergents leave some residue even after washing. This can cause skin allergies and rashes. The impact can be harsher on babies and people with sensitive skin. Organic liquid detergents are mild in nature and don’t contain chemicals such as chlorine so they are much more skin friendly.


Environment friendly: Good quality organic laundry detergents are free from chemical pollutants and don’t harm the environment. They don’t pollute water and are therefore better for the soil as well. Buying a natural liquid detergent gives me an all-round satisfaction that my desire to keep the clothes clean is not causing any harm to my skin or my surroundings.


IFRA Certified fragrances: Unlike chemical detergents which have the presence of strong fragrances, natural liquid detergents contain IFRA certified fragrances which are absolutely safe. They offer fragrances such as lavender naturally and keep the clothes clean, soft, and bright like new as well as smelling great.


Once I had understood the difference between a chemical based detergent and a natural liquid detergent, my search for the latter led me to Puer liquid detergent. This innovative and natural liquid detergent comes in two formulations.


Puer Intense Clean Liquid Detergent

Here is a plant based liquid detergent which can beat the chemical-heavy ones when it comes to transforming your clothes. Now, you can say goodbye to dull, rough and stained clothes since the 6 powerful bio-enzymes present in this detergent can clean almost any stain and keep the clothes white even up to 30 washes. The natural dirt softening agents of the liquid detergent remove even the stubborn stains and dirt. I was delighted to the core when my neighbour complimented on my new dress (which was actually 20 washes old). The Anti Re-deposition technology of this detergent ensures that once dirt is removed from the fabric, it doesn’t settle down on clothes again.


Puer Advance Care Liquid Detergent

If you want a perfect liquid detergent that is loved by your clothes as well as the skin then this is probably what you need. It contains 6 powerful bio-enzymes to tackle all stains. The detergent has 2x Active Load which can clean even the deepest layer of the fabric and keep the colours shining and the surface soft and fluffy even up to 30+ washes. This fantastic liquid detergent doesn’t have artificial brighteners or Lapsa which allows us to freely use it to wash even baby clothes!


Today, holistic wellness is not just a concept, but an absolute necessity. It is time to pick the best liquid detergent and ensure complete wellness and hygiene of your clothes as well! And the Puer range of liquid detergents allows us to do just that!


(Written by Vaishali, Eminent blogger and Communication Consultant. Blog: thechampatree(dot)in.)