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Important then and all the more now – Antiseptic Liquid

AdminAug 7, 2021

I was sitting in the lawn of my apartment watching my 3-year-old play hide and seek with his father. This was a regime we followed every day; spending our family time doing things centered around our little one. What we saw next left my little one curious and shaken at the same time. A little girl, all of two years, fell down from the swing. Her parents rushed to pick her up and caress her along with giving the much essential first aid. It was at this moment that we told our little boy that it is ok to fall and get hurt while playing. All that we now wanted to teach him was the need to use an antiseptic liquid to protect himself from unwanted germs. The pandemic is not yet over, but all of us are trying to get back to normal.


Wounds will come and wounds will go: be brave my boy!


Next evening we were going out for my son’s friend’s birthday party. He was all dressed up and happy to attend his first birthday party. Suddenly, all the excitement and laughter turned into tears and shrieks as my son hurt himself while picking up the birthday gift he got for his friend. While the wound was not bad, there were little patches of blood. However, my heart just skipped a few beats.


Thankfully, we had already explained to him about the fact that it is common to get hurt while playing indoors or outdoors. We were also making him familiar with the bottle of antiseptic spray for wounds. He knows that all will be well if he dabs a little antiseptic liquid on his wounds.


The baby bum was excited to quickly leave for the birthday party. So Mumma Bear took out the first aid antiseptic solution from her closet. I always keep such important things handy for such unexpected events. You never know when the need arises for a disinfectant for cleaning wounds. Thankfully, my son sat quietly in his high chair. And I swiftly took a cotton swab, dipped it in the antiseptic liquid, and gently dabbed it on the wound. Voila! all the pain and tears were gone. It is very important to keep reminding him of the cuts and wounds that might come with all the joy and fun we have while playing. How can we ignore the use of an antiseptic liquid to help heal the wounds. These kids are so engrossed during playtime that they simply forget to be cautious.


Cleaning the wound – the right and gentle way

Kids my son’s age cannot be expected to clean open cuts and wounds with a good antiseptic liquid. Although I have been very particular about maintaining sanitation and personal hygiene around my son, it is important to keep reminding him of its benefits. I looked up on the internet and spoke to other mommy friends to try and find creative ideas to encourage its usage. Making the right choice between so many disinfectant brands can be a task too. I could not have expected him to just start applying it. I had to have a good plan, and maybe a little story might do wonders.


We always read a book during bedtime. So the night after this incident, we were reading him “Zog, the dragon”. My little one was amused by how Zog hurt himself by falling down while learning to fly, and how this little girl helped him with his cuts and wounds by applying antiseptic solution and bandages. So I just started with our own story. It’s a story about a fairy, who loved playing around the trees. The fairy kept on hopping and jumping from one tree to the other and in a split second to another. And then one day the fairy was attacked by a witch who pushed her down a tree. The fairy started crying and went weeping to the mother fairy who immediately took her in arms and was anxious to know what happened. Just then she realized while consoling her that the baby fairy had hurt her arm and was profusely bleeding.


“What happened next mumma?”, asked my not so little naughty and ever so graceful boy.

Mumma fairy took out a bottle of magic liquid (we call it Puer Antiseptic Solution).. she took out a swab of cotton, dipped it in the magic potion, and dabbed it on the wound.


“What happened next mumma? Did the little fairy cry out loud?”


No baby not at all. I told him to take out all the clouds of worry he made in his head as it just doesn’t pain at all. The little fairy slept the night away and got up just to see that the pain had gone and the bruise had disappeared. Puer antiseptic spray for wounds actually did the job right! I tried to reassure this to my little boy, to make sure he feels safe while using the antiseptic solution for cleaning wounds.


Every time that gets a cut or a wound now, he would run to me and ask for the magic potion – Puer antiseptic solution. He would never forget to dab it on the wound with a cotton swab. I can now heave a sigh of relief as I know that he is now all the more cautious of his little scratches and wounds he gets while playing.


The best part is that it can be used for washing clothes and in regular floor cleaners to ensure that the germs are killed. Just like pixie dust spreading magic, ASL can be sprinkled in everything around the house for clean and germ-free interiors and surroundings.


A mother’s weapon to keep germs away

Being a protective and caring mother, I had always expected my child to be aware of cleanliness and basic hygiene. And trust me, it’s always good to start early. Though he is only 3 years old, my son has learnt not to cry and create a fuss if he falls down or hurts himself accidentally while playing. Rather, he is well aware and self equipped to pick the fantastic antiseptic liquid - “Puer Antiseptic Solution”. Thanks to Puer, my search for a trustworthy antiseptic liquid ends here.


There are enough reasons why my family trusts and admires this antiseptic brand. Firstly it kills 99.9 percent germs. Although almost all brands claim the same, this one one actually does. It is an excellent plant-based antiseptic spray for wounds with the goodness of 3 essential oils like Mentha oil, Neem oil and Basil oil.


The mentha oil in it provides cooling relief to open cuts and wounds. It definitely doesn’t leave any burning sensation after application. My little one is absolutely in love with its fragrance. It comes in a wide variety of fragrances namely Citronella, Orange, Eucalyptus and Patchouli oil. This makes it one of the best natural antiseptic solution disinfectants available in the market. I can now safely recommend Puer antiseptic solution, a must have for all households and trusted by a lot of mothers that I know.


Puer antiseptic solution for skin works like the heart and soul of a mother. It is free from harmful chemicals and not harsh to the skin. It provides moisturization to a child’s skin to keep it soft, just as it should be.

Happy baby and Happy Mumma!!


We are living in tough times and have to be ready to fight viruses and bacteria. But the battle is just half won if we do not have the right arms, akin to a good “antiseptic liquid”. Teach them right and teach them early, should be mother’s motto. Let the fairy within your child play without fearing about the cuts and wounds it brings along while playing. Thank God, I came across this amazing brand – Puer.


(Written by Vaishali, Eminent blogger and Communication Consultant. Blog: thechampatree(dot)in.)