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Durga Puja Special: 5 must have apparels to make a style statement

AdminOct 7, 2021

Durga Puja in Bengal is more of a celebration than a religious festival. Durga Puja in West Bengal is all about friends, get-togethers, dine-in, hang-out and a lot more. So, when a festival is more of a carnival-esque celebration of life, one ought to be in their best form to portray their best self and put their best foot forward. So, here’s a list of 5 apparels that you must have in your wardrobe to make that style statement and have unadulterated fun and enjoyment during this beautiful occasion to just bond and connect.

Saree: Are you even a fashion enthusiast if you don’t own atleast 1 saree? Well, a saree is a quintessential wardrobe piece which not only every woman finds it in their wardrobe, but more dramatically, a saree always find its way to a woman’s heart. Saree, is a must-have in your wardrobe to make that classic statement. Saree is something that is such a wardrobe essential that you are perfectly allowed to beg and borrow from your mother, aunts, friends or colleagues. Just have one saree in your wardrobe is the bottom line to flaunt your best style quotient.

Kurta Set: Another classic that makes every woman look their best is a set of Kurta-churidar. The sartorial variation and experiments today have also brought in kurta-pants, kurta-palazzos and a few more combination that are not only high on style quotient but are equally comfortable. An exquisite set of warm colour-coordinated linen or cotton kurta set works wonder both in terms of style and comfort for the sunny mornings, while a set of gorgeous chanderi or silk kurta set, complimented with a flowy dupatta, is sure to turn heads as you step out amidst festival lights in the evening.

Mekhla: A set of skirt, blouse and chador, Mekhla is Assam’s traditional garment, donned by the women of the state. With cultural explorations and open to experiments, we are now fortunate to buy and own garments that are specific to a certain region available worldwide. A set of cotton or silk Mekhla is sure to bring you compliments from everybody around. The best aspect of this garment is the fact that it is as classic as a saree but is comfortably manageable with a separate skirt and a chador, which can be well-tucked and pinned to ease any discomfort coming in your way of dancing your way through the celebratory hours.

Lehenga: Another classic and an age-old garment, one possibly cannot go wrong with this one. A set of blouse, a flowy skirt and a dupatta, one cannot look anything less than gorgeous donned in this apparel. Borrowed from the Mughals, with little alteration and variation to suit the style statement of the age, a brocade lehenga with motifs on cool solid or even pastel colours is bound to uplift your festive look and make you look fabulous more than ever.

Skirt: Well, there’s no other apparel that brings together the best sartorial sensibility of both the western and the eastern world. To top that, skirt is undeniably one of the most versatile piece of clothing any woman can own. Pair it up with a shirt, a t-shirt, a kurta, a crop top, you are bound to make a statement that’s both classic and trendy at the same time. For a quick hang out with friends for endless round of tea or coffee and catching up on the highlights of life, a skirt paired and accessorized well will give even the onlookers a sense of comfort to spill out all the beans with ease.

So, this Durga Pujo with only a few but remarkable stylish and comfortable piece of 5 basic clothing, you are sure to fish in compliments to sway away in pride, joy and style.