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For far too long, everything you’ve used on your body, in your home and for your baby, has remained unchanged. The same products, the same formulations. Just 5X whiter, 200 times stronger, and with super-extra-ionic-magnetic-germ-cleaning-crystals.

All these products may be saying more, but are they truly better?


And we’re here to redefine ‘better’.

Better Homes. Better Products.
Better People. Better Planet.

PUER range of products includes Home Care products, Personal Care products and Baby Care products. Our products have been developed with the core thought that 'Nature is Powerful'. We believe that truly effective products don’t just come from stronger and more complex chemicals.

Real effectiveness comes from good ol’ nature.

Borrowing from nature’s bounty, we made hard-working, born-of-the-earth, do-good, work-better products. We found natural extracts that clean every kind of fabric intelligently. We found fragrances that can dispel and neutralize odours without causing allergies. We found ways to kill 99% of the germs with 100% natural products. And, we also found a lot of ways to make our everyday lives cleaner, healthier and safer. We don’t believe in compromising on effectiveness for goodness or the other way around. Pure Living Nature Does It Better


Ankit Daga


Passionate about consumer products and markets, Ankit Daga is the co-founder of Brand Nourish, while also delivering as the Head of Business Development, McNROE Consumer Products Private Limited. Ankit's attribute of never shying away from employing new ways to address problems, makes him a professional, who is always eager to experiment, learn and lead.

Sushant Panda


Accomplished communicator with almost 24 years in Brand Management, Digital Communications and Integrated Marketing Strategy combined with deep knowledge of traditional communication channels, Sushant Panda leads Brand Nourish as one of the co-founders, and mentor the team on ways to impactfully resonate with the needs and demands of the consumers.

Neha Agarwala

Palki Sharma

Supriya Dutta

Rohini Pradhan

Swarnali Podder

Shreya Sarkar

Meghna Singha Majumder

Ranita Biswas

Riyanka Das

Priyanka Jha

Poulami Das

Sayanti Chakraborty

Malobika Sinha

Shreya Sengupta

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We as a PUER Team believe PUERITY is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.

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